2019-03-14 17:41:30

Infiniti says goodbye to Europe

Nissan is disappointed with Daimler' cooperation, so the premium brand Infiniti says goodbye to Europe.

At first, Infiniti was created for the United States, but after a while, their cars began to appear on the new car market. Last year, Infiniti brand sales collapsed in Europe by 50.3% and amounted to only 6,250 cars.

In general, the Nissan management thought and decided that Infiniti didn't achieve European love and decided to completely remove the brand from a local market next year, and the production of Q30 hatchbacks and QX30 crossovers in the British Sunderland will end in the middle of this year. 

Now Infiniti strategists will focus on those markets where the Japanese brand is more or less loved, namely the USA and China.