2020-09-16 20:21:16

New design and "robot" will be prepared for Hyundai i30 N

The Korean brand has declassified the updated i30 N hatch's design performance, revealing some technical data on the future car.

The main innovation is the 8-speed "robot" with two wet clutches. The Veloster N. has a similar transmission.

The engine compartment will retain a 2.0-liter "turbo-four" with 275 horsepower and 353 Nm. The car accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, and the maximum speed is 250 km per hour.

For the updated Hyundai i30 N, modified LED optics, a more massive radiator grille, other bumpers, enlarged air intakes, and brand new 19-inch wheels have been prepared.