2019-08-29 21:14:09

Genesis Essentia Concept will take on a serial appearance

Manfred Fitzgerald, president of Genesis, told Motor Trend that the Essentia concept would take on a serial look.

Today, engineers have not yet decided on the power plant in the sports coupe, but the platform process effectively takes place.

Fitzgerald emphasizes that the original concept of an electric car with more than one engine revised towards internal combustion engines with a hybrid superstructure. Carbon fiber monocoque and doors in the style of "butterfly wings" will remain.
Perhaps the company's lineup will expand and thanks to the compact 2-seater city hatch with electric traction, which will be making in the style of the Mint Concept. The main advantages of a small car are small parameters, a spacious interior, as well as practicality. The Genesis Mint electric car will be able to overcome on one charge about 322 km (WLTP cycle).