2020-11-12 22:12:28

All information about the updated electric Hyundai Kona

The car is distinguished from the previous model by the front end with an updated lower bumper section and narrowed optics, air ducts of a different shape.

The car's daytime running lights have become LED, and the wheel arches are painted in body color.

The virtual instrument cluster and touchscreen display of the multimedia system have a diagonal of 10.25 inches. The updated Hyundai Kona has wireless integration with mobile devices, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto interfaces. The specially developed BlueLink application will allow you to monitor the battery charge level and plan the intervals to replenish the energy level.

Technically, the Hyundai Kona hasn't changed. The starting equipment has a 136-horsepower electric motor and 39.1 kW/h batteries. Without recharging, such a car can travel 305 kilometers. A more advanced modification has a 204-horsepower engine, batteries with a capacity of 64 kW/h, the range of such a car are 484 kilometers.

Hyundai Kona in Europe and South Korea will be on sale in a few months.