2016-07-25 14:40:00

'Sonic Civic' from Honda for Hedgehog's 25th Birthday

Honda gives its touches for celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The automaker cooperates with SEGA in order to create the Sonic Civic. The Sonic Civic is based on this year;s turbocharged Civic Touring Sedan. It will be presented this year during Comic Con (San Diego) at SEGA’s already sold out Sonic the Headgehog 25th Anniversary celebration. The event will be held at the House of Blues that is located in San Diego. The Sonic will rock custom wheels and tyres referring to Sonic’s red shoes and gold rings. As to the exterior, it will feature a non-such Sonic the Hedgehog styling and bespoke colour scheme. Inside the cabin you will find front and rear sets boasting Katzkin Blue Leather along with custom embroidered logos.

Fox Marketing Cars that is located in York (Pensylvania) has designed and customized the Sonic Civic.