2015-12-23 13:36:29

A New Patent Filing From Honda, What to Expect?

A future minivan model will be patented by Honda. It could preview the next-gen Honda Odyssey.

The Japan’s patent office released patent photos that remind of the Honda Concept M introduced two years ago. At that time the automaker confirmed about a progress in the development of a mass-production car originated on the Concept M. Honda wanted to present the vehicle to the market in China by 2014. 2015 is getting to its end and there was no any Concept M vehicle introduced.

Another possibility is that the patent photos preview the next-gen Odyssey. The vehicle shows off design changes reminding of the recent updates to other Acura and Honda offerings.

The sales of minivans become stagnant and more way to popular crossover and SUV offerings appeared. The Honda Odyssey is still a strong contender, so the automaker will still offer this model. It is a rival to the popular Toyota Sienna and the new Chrysler Town & Country.