2015-02-05 17:43:09

Track-designed Ferrari 488 GTBX envisioned by a WCF reader

Yasid Oozeear from Yassid Design, a reader of WCF, sent an envisioning of a track-only Ferrari 488 GTBX.

The automaker presented the 488 GTB yesterday and various renders are already appearing on the web. They show the 458 Italia successors. Yasid has sent us his own envisioning of a 488 GTBX designed only for track. He was inspired from 458 GT variants of Ferrari. The image depicts a wider and lower track vehicle which extensively uses carbon fibber.

The model is equipped with front canards, a famous front splitter, a large back wing and side mirrors. All these details are made from carbon fibber. The vehicle also has a latching venting front hood, yellow tinted headlamps, larger front vents and some other race-spec vehicle’s components.