2015-01-09 19:12:54

Office-K Has Redesigned the 458 Spider Golden Shark from Ferrari

Office-K has annihilated the luxury style of the Ferrari 458 Spider.

Work of Pininfarina on the 458 convertible is simply a misty recollection now since Office-K coloured the car in a tacky gold wrapping having green reflections. The Japanese tuner also put on a shark front fascia theme which looks like from the film Cars. The model also got a carbon fibber rear fender together with a package of 21-inch front and 22-inch rear Forgiato wheels. They were finished in pink and gold.

The interior of the 458 Spider Golden Shark cannot be seen clearly, but it appears to be stock. Look carefully at the image! What is a teddy bear doing between the seats? It looks like this is beyond our understanding.