2015-09-08 15:55:21

First Picture of Ferrari 488 Spider

First Picture of Ferrari 488 Spider

See the first photos of the 488 Spider from Ferrari!

The pictures came from China. The open-top variant of the 488 GTB was introduced online in the end of the second month of summer. The model was seen in China not long ago. It is scheduled to reach Frankfurt next week and be presented there. As we can judge, this is a pre-production vehicle. It is painted in the Bianco Avus colour scheme. Good news! The offering was snapshot both with the hard top up and down. The retractable roof takes only 14 seconds to open or close.

The model under consideration is the most powerful Ferrari’s car with mid-engined eight-cylinder that has a hard top. It became possible thankfully to a 3.9-litre eight-cylinder engine generating an impressive 670 hp (or 493 kW) and torque of 760 Nm (or 560 lb-ft). The vehicle reaches 62 mph (or 100 km/h) in only 3 seconds. It also is able to hit 124 mph (or 200 km/h) in 8.7 seconds. The vehicle’s top speed is more than 203 mph (or 325 km/h).

The Ferrari Spider will start its sales after the presentation in Frankfurt next week.