2017-09-17 17:55:37

Ferrari, Lamborghini Reaffirm No Plans For Electric Sports Cars

Ferrari, Lamborghini Reaffirm No Plans For Electric Sports Cars

Ferrari and Lamborghini do not yet have a clear vision about this direction. Italian automakers said they had no plans to produce sports electric cars.

Hybrid cars are likely to appear in the future. According to the chief technical director of Ferrari, Michael Leithers, that it is very difficult to achieve a high electric motor performance, plus a lot of time and investments that are necessary for this.

Moreover, the development of an electric car, from which the driver was enjoying the same pleasure as the sound of a turbo engine, complicates the task. The first target for Ferrari is the creation of the hybrid machines. In a hals-year, in addition to the limited versionsi, hybrid modifications will receive other models, such as the Ferrari 488 GTB. And Lamborghini is currently developing a hybrid version of the Urus SUV.

However, for this model, the supercharged V10 and V12 engines will be a priority. Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali, while talking to journalists, noted that electrification is not an urgent development in the supercar segment, but hybridization is likely to take place in the next five years.