2014-07-08 00:42:18

1,034 hp for LaFerrari from JMB Optimering

Tuning became an option for one of the owners of 499 LaFerrari, representing the most expensive segment at the market.

Factory engine for twelve cylinders and 6262cc did not seem right enough for Ferrari flagship client who turned for Sweden-based JMB Optimering tuner to make it work. Naturally-aspired engine supplied by Ferrari develops 788 hp and torque of 516 lb-ft. Electric power adds to a total output generating 949 hp altogether – a dream come true for practically everyone.

Nevertheless, currently JMB Optimering deals with increase of this incredible figure to make it even more stunning and allow LaFerrari to crank out mind-blowing 1,034 hp. In this case engineers will have to deal with chip tuning. It does not seem to be an accident that alleged power of track version of LaFerrari XX due to appear in 2015 in a limited edition is exactly the same.