2013-04-04 13:00:36

QOTD: The inevitable transformation of Cadillac

The multi-billion dollar effort to design a new model has successfully ended up with the unique car that many enthusiasts still discuss for the wrong assert feasible in this era. Thin margins, concentration of brands and cars and extremely competitive world market have destroyed the former formula for creating a production vehicle, which was nearly the only solution to local road conditions and customer wishes.

The demand of scale is a double-edged sword; if the bean counters consider a model too costly, it may repeat the story of the original vehicle. If a new platform is accepted, we are mostly assured various models will be developed on that platform.

As it turned out, GM nearly took the miser attempt to develop the Cadillac ATS. Unfortunately, some time later, the General decided to change the vector and enthusiasts will be all the better for it.

GM’s conclusion to advance Alpha ensured that its performance cars have a fresh breath. The ATS will be the beginning for the row of cars, with the next-gen Camaro to follow. The only riddle to remain is what will follow the Camaro.