2013-07-16 13:22:09

Cadillac ELR Particularly Implements LEDs for Exterior Illumination

When it enters showrooms, Cadillac’s plug-in model will become a record-winner.

Not in power, not in cost, not in anything that’s likely to get your heart beating faster. Instead, the vehicle will be the first model to rely particularly on LEDs to illuminate its exterior.

The newest in a series of trite releases about the Volt-based exclusive vehicle, General Motors points out that LEDs last longer and consume less power than halogen bulbs. Late previous month, the automaker also presented details about the ELR’s suspension. Suspension, steering and throttle response are all refreshed for the ELR to separate it from the Volt.

The LED headlights double as daytime running lights, while Cadillac tells the taillights are meant to pay homage to classic vehicles from the brand’s past.