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2013-12-19 13:08:09
i8 Spyder from BMW to Be Produced Soon

A sports car i8 from BMW with an electric motor will reach the dealerships next spring, and a convertible variant will appear at the end of 2015.

2013-12-17 12:11:03
BMW X1 of 2014 Is Upgraded

Both exterior and interior plus equipment of BMW X1 will be slightly changed before its dealership opening in spring 2014.

2013-12-16 02:08:37
New Interior of BMW Pure Fusion Design Model Z4

Z4 model of Pure Fusion Design is about to be upgraded by BMW: fresh interior and metallic brown exterior are on the way.

2013-12-06 02:13:09
BMW i8 is Already Sold Out for 2014

The BMW i8 hybrid supermodel is sold out until the beginning of 2015, despite the deliveries won’t start until the next year.

2013-11-29 12:14:46
BMW i3 Going to Spawn Bigger "i5" Sedan Version

It is rumored that BMW could stretch its i3 vehicle to construct a fresh family model, likely to be named the i5.

2013-10-24 12:04:14
BMW Individual 760Li Sterling Decorated in Silver

BMW Individual Manufaktur is a unique up-fitting service provided by the German luxury company for clients that want more exclusivity and personalization options than offered by a “regular” Bimmer. The automaker has been doing this for more than two decades. Moreover, their Individual Collection is another aspect of this idea and their newest creation is the 760Li Sterling inspired by Robbe & Berking.

2013-10-21 11:19:32
BMW i5 Already being Planned

After the profitable release of its i3 electric vehicle, BMW is going to develop the i-brand with reports that an i5 vehicle is already being planned.

2013-10-17 11:07:21
BMW M Performance Additions for M5, M6 Uncovered

BMW’s M5, M6 and its derivative vehicles boast splendid output, but don’t forget how heavy they are. The M5 is just under 4,400 pounds and the M6 Gran Coupe a little bit north.

2013-10-10 10:26:11
BMW M235i Announced With 322-HP

The specs for the BMW 2 Series have been uncovered, but regrettably no pictures of the production model have been shown by the German company.

2013-10-04 10:54:35
BMW 1 Series Sedan will be Front-Wheel Drive

BMW fans, you may want to hear something new. The German company known for constructing the world’s best rear-wheel drive performance sedans is going to offer a fresh entry-level 4-door with wrong-wheel drive.

2013-09-26 11:55:03
2014 BMW M3, M4 to Provide 430-HP, Cut 200 Pounds

BMW is assuring its brand-new M3 sedan and M4 coupe will bring a fresh interpretation of the German company’s popular sports vehicle, while lifting the bar for performance again.

2013-09-26 11:51:31
BMW X6 M Design Version Uncovered, Limited to 100 Models

BMW has informed about a special version X6 M model in its Facebook account that will be framed to only 100 models.

2013-09-20 11:18:08
BMW i3 Production Begins Today

Second only to the Isetta, one of the strangest looking BMWs to date enters production today.

2013-09-16 00:33:37
BMW i Cars Won't See M Versions

Now that the production BMW i3 and i8 have been publically uncovered, more details on the German automaker’s sub-brand are emerging.

2013-09-09 11:15:05
Few Words about BMW Concept M4 Coupe

BMW’s 3 Series Coupe is disappearing. It’ll be soon substituted by the brand-new 2014 4 Series, a vehicle that’s enhanced by either a 4- or 6-cylinder turbo. But what about customers that want even more performance than what’s generated by these base motors? There’s no need to call Scooby Doo and company because the Concept M4 Coupe is the best clue as to what’s in the works.

2013-09-05 10:00:08
2014 BMW 428i: Impressions and Conclusions

Like a useless thing BMW is throwing away one of its most popular models. The sporty and practical 3 Series Coupe is no longer alive. Nevertheless, automaker is substituting it with something very special… the fresh 2014 4 Series.

2013-08-23 01:04:22
BMW Creates Concept Vehicle Specially for Video Games Lovers

Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo is much more than just a video game.

2013-08-23 01:01:10
BMW M4 will be Revealed in Detroit Without Vital Detail

The past weekend at Pebble Beach, BMW uncovered the Concept M4 Coupe, garnering a lot of attention as it previews the brand-new M4 that is now ready to make its public debut at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show. Notably, when it arrives one important detail will be missing.

2013-08-23 00:59:53
BMW X5 eDrive Plug-in Hybrid Concept Uncovered

BMW has uncovered the X5 eDrive concept before of its public debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show.

2013-08-13 11:58:35
BMW Believes U.S. to be the Biggest Market for i8 Sports Vehicle

The BMW i8 will officially debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show, but the vehicle’s product manager thinks the U.S. will be the biggest market for the fresh plug-in hybrid sports vehicle.

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