2014-02-06 14:55:34


Aftermarket development of M235i, the best of BMW 2-Series, is clear now with the help of RS-RACINGTEAM.

The coupe is now finished in bright green and features alloy wheels 18 inches in diameter carefully embraced by Michelin tires. The car obtained new coilovers and an exhaust of stainless steel. A wing at the back provides perfect aerodynamics and goes in the same colour scheme as the wheels.

From the inside the doors have been finished with panels of carbon. For maximum safety there is a roll cage and strong seat belts. The options include the addition of special racing seats and a compact fire extinguisher. Powertrain was also boosted for a car – turbo engine with 3.0-litre capacity is expected to produce a decent figure of 326 hp and torque of 322 lb-ft.

The new package will be available for customers in two month and cost starting from €57,800.