2019-07-22 17:10:38

BMW revealed the electric SUV showroom

On the new teaser in BMW showed the interior of the product crossover on electricity, which will be calling iNext.

The image shows that the car will receive an unusual steering wheel of complex shape. The press service of the Germans informs that this decision will improve the review of "tidy," increasing the space for the driver's legs. The company is sure the innovation will clearly show the driver the direction.

Additionally, the car will receive a large sensor in a curved shape, which will display information from the "tidy" and multimedia. The new device still has a special anti-reflective glass with magnesium trim.

The design will repeat the prototype of the same name, which debuted a year ago in a Boeing 777 ° F aircraft from Lufthansa. The size of the car will be released more than iX3, which expecting on the shelves in 2020.