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2014-12-17 13:37:07
Prices on Audi RS3 Sportback start from 56,600 euro

A WCF reader has given the information concerning Audi’s accidental announcement of the RS3 Sportback’s starting price (€56,600).

2014-12-02 14:48:27
Audi Q7 of 2015 Shows Probable Styling Evolution

The Audi Q7 of second generation has gained a commercialized digital rendering shown on the last images.

2014-11-25 14:23:47
Audi Green Lit the BMW X6 Fighter

The company gives green light to the BMW X6.

2014-11-24 10:40:08
Audi"s Q3 Outfit on the new images

Audi has discloses a set of new images of the facelifted Q3.

2014-11-17 01:47:39
Innovated Audi Q3 of 2016 is Disclosed

The Audi Q3 is going to head to the America having innovated design for model year of the 2016.

2014-11-14 15:59:24
2016 Audi A4 hides its Revamped Styling in the Last Spy Images

Paparazzi have spied the innovated Audi A4’s production body during its testing and have caught its photographs. 

2014-11-06 15:17:37
Audi Again Teases its Concept of A9

The automaker has shown a new teasing video with the concept of A9 which will be disclosed at the Auto Show in Los Angeles in November.

2014-10-23 15:24:39
Audi RS3 Sedan could be spied during its Testing

As appeared, Audi is preparing an RS3 sedan offering.

2014-10-17 15:39:49
Audi RS3 Will Have 2.5-liter Turbo Five-Pot

The Audi’s RS3 is expected to take its power from a 2.5-liter TFSI V5.

2014-10-16 16:06:42
Audi Rejects RS1 Creation

Technical leader at Quattro GmbH has announced that Audi is not going to create an RS1 offering for the range of small cars.

2014-10-16 16:04:39
Audi TT Crossover Will be Thought over

New members are to be born in the family of Audi TT.

2014-10-06 14:56:38
A look at Audi TT Roadster of 2016

The convertible Audi TT was shown off in Paris.

2014-09-30 12:27:56
Hand Control Transmission for Audi S3 in the U.S.

American fans of the smallest Audi sedan, get ready to see the performance manual models.

2014-09-16 12:59:13
Audi TT Offroad Concept is Going to be Producted

First presented on Beijing Auto Show Audi TT-based crossover concept may be brought into production.

2014-09-15 09:31:25
Rendering of 2016 Audi Q1

Last December the German automaker affirmed its intentions for a Q1. The rendition of the crossover is created now.

2014-09-12 15:43:08
Mobile Share Plan from AT&T Will Subjoin Audi Connect

AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan can enrich itself with Audi Connect.

2014-09-10 13:34:31
Debut of Audi A9 on LA Auto Show

The future of Audi will be presented at Auto Show in Los Angeles this year.

2014-09-04 15:09:36
Leakage of next years Audi TT Roadster

Nürburgring testing ground became a leakage site of the new roadster from Audi.

2014-07-22 10:34:55
Next Year to Welcome A8 e-tron from Audi

Soon we will see a modern hybrid modification of Audi’s most popular saloon.

2014-07-04 11:25:48
Hybrid Audis to Appear in 6 Years

Audi has advanced a lot in developing diesel engines and decided that it is turn to move into hybrid direction.

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