2020-09-28 23:40:51

New crossover Audi Q5 Sportback will soon appear in Europe

The debut of the new Audi Q5 Sportback took place online.

The car's main competitors on the market will be the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe and BMW X4. The vehicle will be available to potential buyers in the Advanced version with additional equipment to the main list. Optionally, the car can order with the S-Line package.

The roof of the Audi Q5 Sportback has a sloping shape and a spoiler at the rear. The exterior is rich in chrome elements, the front air intakes have received a new finish, and a decorative strip has appeared between the taillights and the diffuser.

Inside is a multimedia system MIB 3 with a large touch screen. The driver has voice control over various vehicle systems. A virtual instrument panel and head-up display can install at an additional cost.

First, the Audi Q5 Sportback will appear on the European market with a 204 hp diesel engine and 400 Nm or with petrol 45 TFSI and 40 TFSI, for 265 and 204 hp, respectively. The hybrid car is available in two versions, with either 299 or 367 hp.

Cars with the base engine will receive a front-wheel drive. All other models will equip with Quattro ultra all-wheel drive.