2013-05-21 13:47:25

2015 Acura NSX will be Constructed at New Performance Manufacturing Facility in Ohio

Acura has informed that the brand-new NSX will be constructed at Honda’s modern Performance Manufacturing Facility in Ohio.

The modern plant will cost the Japanese brand $70 million and will encompass 184,000 square feet placed inside Honda’s former North American Logistics facility. It will also be in the midst of Honda’s existing R&D and production constructing operations.

The modern production facility is going to be Honda’s 3rd factory in Ohio and is approximately a couple of miles away from Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Ohio Facility that is also constructing the ultra car for production. At least 100 manufacturing associates will be employed at the site while associates from Honda’s motor factory in Anna, Ohio will assemble the NSX’s powertrain.

The brand also claimed today that Honda R&D head engineer Ted Klaus is leading the worldwide team constructing the new NSX while Clement D’Souza, associate head engineer at Honda of America, is leading the construction group for the NSX.

“We understand clearly that customers’ expectations are very high around the globe, and our aim is to even exceed them and provide new value for the client,” informed Klaus.  ”This modern Performance Manufacturing Facility will be the answer to this question.”