Cars News Page 189

2013-09-09 11:13:43
Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Approved

An exceptional Lamborghini Veneno, which was uncovered earlier this year at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, will be receiving a convertible version in an extremely limited production.

2013-09-06 11:57:06
Lexus LF-CC will Take Part in Japanese Super GT Series

Lexus Racing has informed that it’s going to take part in the 2014 Japanese Super GT Series with a fresh LF-CC race model.

2013-09-06 11:52:57
2014 Honda NSX Super GT Race Model Uncovered

The Honda NSX Super GT race vehicle has been unveiled at Suzuka Raceway, as the teams start testing their models for the 2014 season.

2013-09-06 11:47:16
LaFerrari Production is Probably Pending

Initially debuting at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, the Ferrari LaFerrari has kept itself out of the spotlight for a few months and now rumor has it the Italian company is still finishing the production vehicle.

2013-09-05 10:21:38
2014 Scion iQ Monogram Version Cost Revealed

For the 2014 model year, Scion will be unleashing the limited edition iQ Monogram that takes the iQ “to the next level by adding premium details at a great value,” according to the Japanese company.

2013-09-05 10:03:25
2014 Fiat 500c GQ Version Unveiled at Concorso Italiano

Fiat has uncovered its 2014 500c GQ Version at the Concorso Italiano, part of the 2013 Pebble Beach weekend of automotive festivities.

2013-09-05 10:00:08
2014 BMW 428i: Impressions and Conclusions

Like a useless thing BMW is throwing away one of its most popular models. The sporty and practical 3 Series Coupe is no longer alive. Nevertheless, automaker is substituting it with something very special… the fresh 2014 4 Series.

2013-09-04 10:15:36
Porsche, Michelin Create Brand-New Tires for Carrera GT

Though the vehicle hasn’t been produced since 2006, Porsche has cooperated with Michelin to design a fresh set of tires for the German company’s Carrera GT.

2013-09-04 10:12:17
Bugatti Veyron Jean-Pierre Wimille Legends Version Honors 1937 Le Mans Triumph

A couple of weeks ago, Bugatti informed that it would be kicking off a series of special version Veyron vehicles that honor some of racing’s greats.

2013-09-04 10:02:24
Ram Rumble Bee Officially Debuted at Woodward

Ram has uncovered a fresh sport-truck model known as the Rumble Bee, a modern take on a classic trim package. 

2013-09-03 01:30:28
Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro Highlighted in Ender’s Game

The approaching blockbuster, Ender’s Game, will include a futuristic Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro, that shows off the German company’s vision of a future automotive world.

2013-09-03 01:24:16
Toyota Boss Asks for Two Fresh RWD Sports Vehicles

Though the automaker recently unleashed the GT86, Toyota is already preparing to bring two fresh rear-wheel drive sports vehicles into its family, to slot above and below the GT86/FR-S.

2013-09-03 01:20:51
Model S Triumph Deliveries Could Surprise You

If you have ever tried to guess which vehicles drivers are substituting with the Tesla Model S, it could be tempting to begin with similarly priced products.

2013-09-02 01:31:07
2014 SRT Viper Price Rose to $103,990

The 2014 SRT Viper will experience a price jump of $2,000, making it start at $103,990 featuring a $1,995 destination and handling fee plus a weighty $2,600 gas guzzler tax.

2013-09-02 01:24:07
Infiniti Ultra-car will be Released in 2017-2018

Infiniti is still evaluating the motor layout for its halo ultra-car, it is rumored that the project is back and is planned to kick off in 2017-2018.

2013-09-02 01:18:24
Honda Releases Civic Wagon for Europe only

Honda has uncovered its 2014 Civic Tourer, ahead of its 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show premiere.

2013-08-30 11:19:16
GM Shifts Financial Burden From Returns to Suppliers

GM has taken on a new purchasing contract that gives the automaker an opportunity to recover costs spent on safety returns from suppliers that provided defective details.

2013-08-30 11:16:36
VW Uncovers Fresh Diesel Engine to Substitute 2.0L TDI

VW has informed that a fresh diesel motor will come to the 2015 Passat, Golf, Jetta and Beetle, to substitute the current 2.0-liter diesel model.

2013-08-30 11:14:23
2014 Chevrolet Trailblazer Possibly for US Sales

Despite GM announcement that it has no plans to take the brand-new Trailblazer to America, new rumors suggest that Chevrolet could broaden its SUV lineup next year with the addition of the Trailblazer, or a little SUV based off of it.

2013-08-29 11:18:06
2015 Porsche 911 GT3 RS: No Option for Manual Transmission

Just like the fresh Porsche 911 GT3, the top-performance RS model, which is planned to arrive dealerships in late 2014, won’t be offered with a manual transmission.