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2015-04-06 12:15:17
General Motors considers the 2016 Camaro to be Better than Mustang

The General Motor’s vice president of Global Product Development is making bold statements concerning the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.

2015-03-30 14:33:17
2016 Chevrolet Malibu Expects 250K Sales per Year

General Motors is going to sell 250,000 Malibu models per year after the arrival of its new generation.

2015-03-26 16:13:27
2016 Malibu Hybrid from Chevrolet will receive Hardware Similar to Volt''s

Chevrolet has told about the net-gen Malibu which will get a hybrid variant with a hardware setup developed from the 2016 Volt.

2015-03-16 14:34:40
Have a Better Look at the 2016 Camaro from Chevrolet!

The Camaro of the fifth generation is going to reach the 500,000 vehicles sales milestone. Therefore, the automaker has decided to feast the event with the help of a video teaser of the next-generation offering.

2015-03-11 12:18:02
2016 Spark from Chevrolet teased Before its Debut

Chevrolet has shown a teaser picture of the 2016 Spark set  which will debut on April 2nd.

2015-03-10 15:37:46
Teaser for the 2016 Chevy Spark

Chevrolet is going to show a restyled Spark at the futurte Auto Show in New York at the beginning of April.

2015-02-17 16:46:59
2016 Malibu from Chevrolet Spotted without Camouflage in China

The next generation model from Chevrolet called Malibu was spotted without camouflage during its testing in China.

2015-02-13 17:25:42
Chevrolet Declares Production of Bolt EV

Chevrolet has declared about its plans to manufacture the Bolt EV at the Orion Assembly plant near Detroit.

2015-02-11 15:23:12
Colorado GearOn Special Edition from Chevrolet Disclosed before its Presentation in Chicago

Chevrolet has revealed its special edition Colorado GearOn which is scheduled to be presented at the 2015 Auto Show in Chicago.

2015-01-26 14:41:29
Chevy Silverado Midnight Edition Will be Presented at the Auto Show in Chicago

Chevrolet has officially finished working on its Midnight Edition offering.

2015-01-13 17:03:53
Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept Presented at NAIAS with 200+ mile Range

The rumours about the Bolt EV concept were true since it was unveiled today at 2015 NAIAS in Detroit.

2015-01-08 14:45:34
Disclosing of 2015 Chevy Silverado Custom Sport

Chevy is going to add an innovated outlook set to the 2015 Silverado half-ton pickup.

2014-12-31 13:04:27
Chevy ''Crossvolt'' Trademark Re-Developed

There is high probability that Chevy is about to use the ‘Crossvolt’ badge some day in the future. 

2014-12-23 15:23:02
Impala Midnight Edition from Chevrolet should be expected Soon

The Impala Midnight Edition offers a mildly ominous tweak on Chevrolet‘s full-size American sedan forwarding.

2014-12-22 10:39:20
Interior of the Chevy Volt of 2016 Has Been Shown in Video

Chevy has shown a new video with the forthcoming Chevy Volt.

2014-12-03 12:50:03
Corvette Z06 of 2015 Starts Shipping to Dealerships

The vehicle with the highest power amount from Chevrolet is shipped from the plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

2014-12-02 14:50:07
Chevrolet SS Successor May be Grounded on Impala

It is known that the Chevrolet SS will not be produced if Holden defeats domestic production in three years, but will it gain a successor?

2014-11-27 14:45:33
Chevrolet Volt of 2016 Enhances Top Charge Power

The Chevrolet Volt of 2016 is going to gain its top charge power enhancing to get an increase of its top charge power.

2014-11-21 17:52:33
Chevy Volt of 2016 Showed its New Design in the Teaser

A teaser photo appeared on Twitter showing a strong hint at the outlook of the next-generation Volt of 2016.

2014-11-14 15:58:08
Chevrolet Teases Vision Gran Turismo Concept before the Show in Los Angeles

An innovated Vision Gran Turismo Concept will be revealed at the forthcoming Auto Show in Los Angeles.

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